Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekly update

So, not much change from last week. The beans are starting to come up under their cover, as are the squash and cukes (the cukes more slowly than the squash, I may have to try some newer seeds) The flowers and lettuce are filling in nicely. I am getting full size lettuce leaves now and have had enough for several salads. The irises have nearly finished blooming = ( need to feed and divide them so they bloom more next year! There is a bright red mini rose open and many more buds forming. My blast with water seems to have dissuaded the aphids for now.
In some ways luckily, we have had dry weather lately. This meant that even with 15 people tromping in and out all day Sunday for the Memorial day picnic, the grass has survived, or at least what of it we have. Come late summer I am really going to work to loosen up the bare spots and get seed in so that the whole yard has grass next year.
On an unhappy note, the mulberries have begun. DUH DUH DUNNNNNN I found the first green berry hiding amongst the lettuce in the back. I am trying to make the best of it by reminding myself that Amy and I are going to collect the little suckers and try to make them into wine or jelly. It still means a few weeks of picking up buckets and buckets of little purple berries EVERY DAY and dying my hands a nasty purple blue color. I guess I need to invest in some disposable or washable gloves.
Maybe next week the squash and cukes will make a big enough show to appear from the weekly update view.

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