Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekly update

So it has stayed in the 60s this week. The rain hasn't completely gone away yet though. It rained Wednesday through Sunday, and it is supposed to continue for a few more days. Sigh.
I have uncovered all of the lettuce. The radishes are looking good. Only a few of the carrots have emerged. I will have to plant some more in the alley bins. The peas are up to the point that they will soon need a trellis. I have provided them with a tomato cage expanded to a "z" shape, they are a bush type, so they shouldn't out grow such a short support. I also noticed that the apple tree has a few blooms on it. I think I need to feed them both better next year though. I haven't seen any on the smaller tree.

The rose getting bigger and the leaves are getting more green. The irises and peony have buds on them. The butterfly bush is bushing out nicely.

One advantage to the rain is that all I have to do is take the lid off and the compost bin gets watered.

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