Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm not sure what is wrong with my baby tomatoes. Some are wilty, some are bleached looking, a few are droopy. My mom suggested that they might need to have a little less water and a little more true sunshine. So the babies moved to the laundry room for a few days and displaced the kitties who think that we put extra deep window sills in just for them (well, it was partially for them and partially for my plants, so they will just have to learn to share!) They got a little bit of sunshine but we are still having April showers, despite it being May. They don't seem to be getting worse, but they also seem to be staying damp because of the rain. So I moved them back to their greenhouse, put the lights on a good number of hours a day and gave them back their heat mat in hopes of saving a few of them. I also need to stop and get some fish emulsion. Apparently baby tomatoes love the stuff! Hopefully I will save enough to still have some to pass out to friends. Otherwise I am going to be scouting for nurseries who carry determinant tomato plants!

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