Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunday mornings

Almost every summer day after work I spend at least a few minutes in my garden. Pulling weeds, making sure everything has enough water and no pests or diseases, picking flowers or veggies, deheading spent flowers etc. After sitting at my desk most of the day even 20 minutes in the garden revives me. If the weather is nice we may eat in the yard, and if it is really nice we may spend a few hours just enjoying the flowers and a glass of wine.

Weekday evenings in the garden are refreshing, relaxing and rather theraputic. I don't think it is possible to be stressed out when you are in a garden.

Saturday mornings are my time to feel in harmony with all the other gardeners who are priviliged to spend sometime puttering in a garden oasis. If I get up when the sun is just peeking out I am treated to an hour or so of quiet and a perfect temperature. The cars aren't rumbling on the highway, kids aren't squealing (though don't get me wrong, on a summer afternoon I love that sound!) lawn mowers aren't rumbling etc. I get to hear the neighborhood slowly wake up. As I pull weeds and pick dinner (love that part!) I really appreciate the space, ability and knowledge to be able to garden.

Sundays, though, are my favorite. After church I am treated with another hour or so of quiet garden time. The birds sing songs sweeter than anything heard in church, and more in key = ). More people sleep in so there aren't any dogs out barking. The bees are lazily buzzing from flower to flower, having their breakfast and making sure that I will have lots of flowers and vegetables. I know I am one of the lucky ones who gets to see my food grow and experience true awe when a tiny seed produces armfuls of flowers. This is my time to reflect on all the things I am blessed with and know that God does not just live in big stone buildings.

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