Friday, June 10, 2011


Greetings all. Today I harvested my first 2 bulbs of soft neck garlic. I'm finding garlic to be a wonderful thing to grow. I get to put it in the ground when I pull out my tomato plants and I put it out of the ground when I want to put my tomato plants in. They keep pests away and are lovely and tall when everything else is short and needs protecting. Also I picked the scapes of my hardneck garlic. The scape is the blossom stem, kinda like chives on steroids. Its super strong tasting. They are great in pesto and potato/pasta salads. Oh my cabbages are finially starting to make heads, first time they've made it this far. Usually some sort of monster gets to them first. Its very exciting, to me at least! I'll try to put up more pictures soon but this heat wave has been keeping me inside as much as I can stand.

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Michelle said...

yummmmmmm... garlic!