Thursday, June 23, 2011


So far so good on the bonsai. It has been outside for about a month. And while I can't say it has gotten much bigger, greener or healthier looking, it is still alive. Since this is my first foray into bonsai, I am relieved to say that I have kept it alive for more than 6 months. I know they are supposed to live for decades, but I have to start somewhere!Following the advise of the bonsai gurus I have placed the tree in a gravel and water filled tray to help the plant hold moisture and keep a more even temperature since the tree is in so little dirt that there is a real possibility of it drying out.
I haven't found quite the right surroundings for it though. Since part of the artistry of bonsai is creating the illusion that even though the tree is small it is very very old and when viewed up close and with no references to size it should look like a full size tree, I have so far failed in this portion of bonsai tending. The Easter lilies surrounding it over shadow the delicate little leaves and minute size of the tree. As I continue to develop my garden I will have to keep my eye out for new varieties, sizes and colors of plants to help create an environment suited to my bonsai. I hope to eventually have a little corner where the bonsai can reside with several layers of pebble filled trays with other plants in correct proportion to help accentuate and add interest to the bonsai. Perhaps I will have to start that bonsai azalea or forsythia so I can have flowering trees in my forest!

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