Saturday, May 21, 2011

Roof Update

The tomatoes are finally in!
The peppers didn't do so hot due to the bugs or whatever got hold of them in the greenhouse box, I planted the ones that still had a leaf or two hanging on, added a few fresh seeds and I'm hoping for the best (and a few spare plants from Amy...)
The tomatoes, despite being really leggy, seem healthy enough. The cool thing about tomatoes is that they will grow roots on the stems if you bury them. This means that since I put them in deep enough pots, I was able to pull off the lower leaves and plant them so that just the bushy tops are above ground. Don't try that with most other plants or you will rot the stems in a matter of days!
I am following my mantra this year. I gave them each a handful of food, made sure that there was plenty of dirt in each bucket, and didn't overcrowd. Most pots only have one tomato and a few onions or a little marigold or basil plant. Hopefully this will result in tomatoes that receive enough sunshine, airflow and water and produce the best yield yet!
It's back to watching, waiting and yelling at the little plants to grow faster or face being thrown in the compost pile!!

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