Tuesday, June 21, 2011


All winter long I browse through catalogs and books, searching for just the right plants and day dreaming about that glorious late winter day when it is finally warm enough to dig in the dirt. Then it is time to plant seeds and watch as the little seedlings turn into plants. Finally the day arrives that I can clear away the winter debris put the little seedlings outside. Then the full force of spring arrives. With cold days, hot days, cloudy days, sunny days, days on end of rain. The little plants just sit in the ground looking cold and seemingly pouting that the weather can't make up its mind. The end of May rolls around. Suddenly we are getting more sunshine than rain. There isn't a chance that frost is going to creep in at night and burn the tender leaves. And things begin to grow.
Then one day in June I go out into my garden and realize that stuff has finally taken hold. There is more plant life showing than there is bare dirt. All of the plants are full and green, the herbs are spilling over their pots, the tomato plants have blossoms and baby tomatoes and there are flowers open to welcome in butterflies and bugs.
I love gardening.

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