Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Seedling update

I have also finished ordering my seeds. Thankfully I didn't have to many to order this year. I ordered form Baker Creek and Seed Savers. I'll get into the details of that as they develop.

So, again while it was snowing, I transferred the pepper sprouts into cups. They are ready to be moved when they get their first set of real leaves.

Now a lot more sprouts made it to this point then I thought would, so I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was, put with the help of Fordi's yogurt and tea habit I had enough vessels to give all the sprouts some room.

  • vessels to act as pots for the plants. In my case, last year's pots and lots of yogurt cups with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage
  • trays to catch the water that drains out of the pots. Meat trays, clam shell packaging, lids, etc.
  • light potting soil
  • water
  • sharpy marker
  • tub to dampen soil in
Put potting soil in tub and water it lightly, you don't want mud, you'd like moist soil. fill your cups with soil and tap it down lightly. make an indent in the dirt. I use my finger but there is actually a tool just for this. its called a Dibber (google it) ^_^
Now for the delicate part, gently tease the sprout from its soil, you want as much root as you can get. If the seed starting medium is light and a little dry this isn't so difficult, but still. Place the sprout into the indent and gently press the soil to close the hole. Or you can just move the sprout and its soil into the new pot, just make a bigger indent. Now do it 800 more times.
don't be alarmed, but if they don't perk up in a few hours they may be a lost cause.
The sharpy is to write what variety of pepper is in each vessel so you don't have a mystery plant...

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