Friday, March 27, 2009

Paper pots

My seedlings are coming along nicely. I am starting to see the first real leave on the tomatoes, and the peppers don't look too far behind. This discovery led me to my evening entertainment the other night... paper pots. Now you can be fancy and go out and buy the compressed peat pots that you just kind of mush up and stick the whole thing in the ground, but as I've said before, peat isn't all that sustainable, and besides, who wants to spend money on something that can readily be produced from easily, cheaply attainable goods?!

Once the seedlings have their first set of true leaves, or if you want to be on the safe side when the second set start to emerge, they need to be transplanted to roomier environs. This new pot is also preferably able to be set directly into the ground when they are ready to be planted, thus disturbing the new root system as little as possible. Since it is going in the ground, it needs to readily break down to get out of the way of the growing plant. Newspaper is perfect for this. You will need:

- newspaper -preferably one you have already read = )

- masking tape

- tomato paste can- 6 oz. size.

To begin, pull out a full sheet out, tear it in half down the vertical fold of the paper. Then tear each of those pieces in half by folding along the center crease and pressing with your nail so there is a nice line to tear. Next, tear each of those halves into thirds (fold it kind of like you would a business letter for a long enevlope). Now you have you raw material.

Now take one of these strips and wrap it around the can. You want it to hold snuggly, but not so tight that you can't pull it off! Put a little piece of masking tape just above center of the overlap. Next, flip the can on its end and pull the paper sleeve until about and inch sticks over the can. Fold the overhang in, kind of like wrapping a present, and secure that with tape. Remove the new paper pot from the can. You're finished!

oh, except that you have to repeat ad naseum....

No bother, making paper pots gives me a reason to sit around and catch up on t.v. shows and movies that I have been wanting to watch. 50 down... 100 more to go!

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