Thursday, March 26, 2009

Raised Beds

Fordi was supposed to make this entry, but work has yet again interfered with his leisure time.
Our raised beds are made from scrap wood. they are 3'x5'. We used screws that were way to long, but they were for outdoor decking and with likely outlast the beds themselves. we stapled plastic mulch to the underside to discourage any really ambitious weeds.

We just kinda winged it and used what we could find and I think they look pretty good.
• wood, 2x4s and planks preferably
• saw (we used an electric circular saw)
• screws, for outdoor use
• screw driver
• plasic mulch
• sawhorses
• staple gun
• drill/electric screw driver

Really the only thing i had in mind before i got started was I don't want to have to pay for much and Square Foot Gardens said don't make your boxes so wide you can't reach one side from the other so for me that is 4ft.

so we looked at what we had and with one cut we could get 1 3ft and 1 5ft plank. that became our out side dimension.

2 planks high was 8" so we made our corner pieces 10" tall with a 2" diagonal cut so that the boxes wouldn't slide. this was just an idea i had, we'll see if it works in practice.
there are not a lot of picture right now, but we need to build a few more so I'll document that a bit more carefully.

we should be getting dirt soon, but that is up to the landlord.

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