Monday, March 2, 2009

seeds, part deux

The seeds have been ordered! I said I wasn't going to change my mind about anything, but of course I did. It wasn't because I was indecisive though, I was originally going to order from two places, but then I realized that since I was only getting a few things from Seeds of Change I would be paying almost as much for shipping as I was for seeds. So I chose the same or similar things from the Territorial Seeds so I only had to pay shipping once.
Territorial Seeds had a different color mix of Nasturtiums, a different greens mix (this one with wild onion, Broadleaf Batavian endive, Treviso radicchio, Dandelion, Garden Cress, and Roquette) and Mammouth sweet basil (instead of lettuce leaf basil). They had the silver fir tomatoes and the Italian parsley. I did change my mind about the peas. Since we are planning to fix the fence I was fearful about ordering climbing peas. So I switched to Maestro peas which grow in a bush instead of a vine. Oh, and as much as I wanted to try chervil, Territorial Seeds didn't have it. = ( There is always next year. I also added one thing, lavendar. It has never been my favorite smelling flower, but I like the look of it and it will fill out the space behind the apple tree. I also seem to have a purple theme going on and figure one more color of purple will fill it out nicely.
I will be impatient coming home from work each night to see if the mailman (yes, ours is male, I am being politicially correct) has brought my box of seeds!

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