Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The summer heat is taking its toll on the pansies. My planning has paid off though. The peppers, zinnias and sunflowers have filled the containers at the front of the house with green. (with a little red, white and blue thrown in) Despite the greenery, I think I will start the plants in containers in the back next year. Since I wasn't sure of the age of some of the seeds, the fact that some of them never took means that there are a few extra peppers in one container and an extra sunflower in the other, so they look a little lopsided.The sunflowers are enjoying the heat radiating from the sidewalk and the brick front! I can't wait until more open. From the looks of it there will be 4 more flowers on this plant, 3 or 4 in the other planter, and hopefully a few more on the runt of the bunch.The mum has had its final hair cut of the summer (remember- 3 trims before the 4th of July for nice, full plants! I wish I remember where I read that). Hopefully the trims will pay off in a few months and the sunflowers will be replaced with sprays of colorful mums. And a few volunteer tomatoes....

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