Monday, July 4, 2011

July garden update

Seeing Mich's amazing harvest motivated me to post an update. We have gotten a ton of kale, so much so that I don't have to buy it right now. The cabbage is almost ready. What do you do with 7 heads of cabbage, anyone?

My tomatoes aren't ripe yet but they are making me very hopeful. The verity that is likely to be ready first is the orange plum tomato
from Baker creek, followed by either Mich's Gold Nugget or Stupice form Seed Savers.

First pepper, Chocolate bell

Tiny optimistic watermelon, golden midget watermelon

Ridiculous space-invading pumpkin of unknown providence. Likely a kabocha of some sort. The black sling is there to support its weight and is made from the sleeve of an old t-shirt.

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