Sunday, July 24, 2011

I take that back...

So earlier this season I was extolling the virtues of home grown lettuce, and I still stand behind the joys of going outside and picking a salad. I may have over-emphasized the ease of growing it... and I am going to have to have have a little conversation with the squirrels who were digging in my alley pots before fall rolls around. So while I work on my lettuce growing skills (and bb gun aim...) I will add a new recommendation for easy gardening. Green beans. Every few weeks from early summer, through to 2-3 weeks before frost, soak a few beans in a bowl of water few a few hours, scratch a hole in the ground, drop a bean in, and work your way down the row, filling in any bare spots or space left on the trellis. This will guarantee a family's worth of green beans for the summer. I only have half of the trellis growing, and I'm already thinking of all the new ways we get to try green beans through the summer. Guess I better get a few more seeds in the ground tomorrow so I have plenty to practice with!

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