Friday, July 2, 2010

new territory

I am constantly looking for new territory to turn into garden space. This summer's addition is the front sidewalk.

We don't have a front lawn here in the city, but many people have street trees with flowers planted around the base or large planters along the house. We are thinking of talking to the City about getting a street tree, but in the meantime, planters will have to suffice.

When dad was in town a few weeks back, we built a cover for the trash can and recycling bin. We had some of the siding plywood left, and created 2 planters to match. I cheated a little with the planters. They don't have a bottom to them, they are actually just boxes, open top and bottom, with a Rubbermaid tub inside! I had to prop the bins up on bricks at one end in order to get them to sit straight. I'm happy with them so far, and the neighbors seem to enjoy seeing calendulas, zinnias, phlox, marigolds and peppers more than they liked seeing the trash can. Wonder why....
I am hoping that nobody decides to help themselves to the flowers or the peppers growing out front. So far so good. As a mild deterrent, especially from the college kids in the area who might be prone to tasting a pepper on their walk home from the bar, the peppers are hot ornamentals! I'm not sure HOW hot they, but I am guessing that biting into one and not expecting heat will be enough to keep the same person from "sampling" twice. I am intending on enjoying salsa this summer though.

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