Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As I was saying, I like to put any empty space to use as garden space. So to make the patio a little more interesting, grow a little more food, and satisfy my ever growing need to play in the dirt, I annexed a portion of my father in law's patio. In it's rain soaked state it doesn't look like much, but he has already enjoyed a few cherry tomatoes, and there are lots of baby tomatoes and peppers just waiting for the sun to come out and ripen them!
He has a patio set that we all often enjoy sitting around and sharing a meal or cocktail hour after one or all of us have had a rough day at work. The patio was kind of bare when he moved in, and it is amazing what 8 buckets of dirt and about 15 plants did for the space! It isn't quite a lush oasis, but at least it doesn't feel like we are sitting in a desert. My cheapness ruled again. The buckets are from cat litter and empty butter cream frosting buckets from the grocery store bakery with a few kid's buckets from the dollar store thrown in for color. The back row of plants is set up on a board set across a few bricks to give the arrangement some height and help the plants get a little better air flow. All in all it cost about $40. A garden doesn't have to be fancy or expensive to improve your space!

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