Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I think I started my not peppers and tomatoes to early. I'm not used to my starts being this quick. EVERYTHING is up except the ground cherries. I had to move my winter squash to a pot already! I'm going to blame this on a new start pellet: Jump start brand from CN. They start out a little crumblier then my usual jiffy, they fit in the jiffy windowsill green houses I use, and I think the plants like them better! I got them from Primex. Now, I am in love with Primex. They are hosting the winter farmers' market, they have some great classes and they are locally owned and operated. Not to mention they are also well stocked. (Yes, I applied for a job there)

Anyway, I'm thinking I'm just going to eat the cabbage and broc sprouts and start over...I should maybe get a second opinion on that first.

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Michelle said...

don't say "oops" say "I decided to kill two birds with one stone, try the new pellets and enjoy baby greens," "I planted so early that I would have time to plant a second batch if they didn't work out!" = )