Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hort 2334 Food Crops, 3-7-2013

This class we finished laying the paths.  Our patch ended up looking quite nice.  We still have a bit of work to do.  We trimmed the roses, cat mint, and asparagus but still have edging to do.  We really need to get the group together and figure out where everything will go.  The main bed had potatoes in it last year so the tomatoes and papers can't be put there because of shared diseases. Two of the three side beds have perennials in them so we have a little figuring things out to do.

We had three presentations this class.  To open, Christian spoke about chocolate.
Chocolate is one of those foods that I wonder how anyone figured out it was a good idea to eat.  Its so botanically strange.  Tiny flowers that grow from the trunk that turn into large finned fruit. He conclued with chocolate milk!

Bryan's presentation was on John Deere.  It didn't occur to me to choose a mechinery company but it is relevant. Deere seems to make a tractor for everything, but looking at slides of part numbers was no fun.  Thankfully we were rewarded with chips and salsa.

The final presentation of the night was Lisa's on sugar cane. She told the story of sugar cane though the cultural lens of being Porto Rican, which I found interesting.  She also had two kinds of sugar cane for us to sample which was also interesting.

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