Friday, February 22, 2013

Hort 2334 Food Crops, 2-21-2013

As I walked from my car to class yesterday I hoped to myself that we wouldn't be going out to the plot.  It was bitter cold and I had forgotten my scarf and hat.
Class started and Eva said we were not going out to the plot!  I was relieved.  We then headed over to the green house, we were doing lab first.

Lab was such a hardship.  We were tasting berries!  I was a bit skeptical of berries out of season, but was pleasantly surprised. We tasted strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, 13 types total.  Really such a hardship! My favorite raspberry was the Driscoll's conventionally grown, my favorite strawberry was Passion Farms Organic, and my favorite blueberry was the Puelche Organic. There was only one brand of blackberry, and I did like it too.  This did change my mind about out of season berries, but they fit the budget better in season.

We then braved the cold back to the class room to view "The Botany of Desire".  This is the second time I've seen this film and I find it very enjoyable.  I think the cinematography on this one sets it apart, the film makers really wanted you to look at the pollen, the resin droplets, the textures of the plants profiled. Its also a very interesting idea that we co-evolved with the plants, each serving each other.

Following the film we had our presentations   I gave mine on the Svalbard Seed bank.  I really rushed mine, I'm not good in front of people.  Groups, yes, up in front, no.  Also I must remember you can't see your notes in slideshow mode in power point, I must print them.  The cookies went over well, though.  Laura's presentation was on Mushrooms.  Its one of my favorite foods so I'm afraid there was little new information for me there.

Back to the greenhouse!  Oh, the wind, I can't wait for spring.  We transplanted beets and planted tomato seeds.  We planted the tomatoes into 6 packs since next week we are having a field trip and won't be able to transplant them.  I hope the peppers will be OK.

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