Monday, January 28, 2013

Hort 2334 Food Crops, 1-24-2013


My birthday and my first day of class for the spring semester.  I have been looking forward to starting classes again after my leave last semester.

Eva got things started right way with introductions.  I am neither the only CRP student in the class nor the only masters student.  After the introductions we went over the syllabus and watched a slide show that showed the evolution of the school's garden as well as notable gardens that Eva has traveled to.  I have a few new places on my list of places to travel to.

Later we were split into teams.  I'm with Carlo, Adam and Tina.  I'm worried that there may be personality issues with this group but I think we will get along well enough to do what we need to.  I am looking forward to developing a workable and productive plot with my group.  Given that I'm always wishing for more garden to experiment with this is an exciting opportunity. There are a few presentations to be given during the semester, and bringing food is encouraged.  Since I love to cook (and eat) I think I will really enjoy this class.

As lecture ended we were guided over to the green house for an introductory tour and lab.  The word of the day for the the green house is TIDY, as in keep it tidy.  Its not just for looks either, its for health of the plants, efficiency of work, and respect for others' projects.

Lab itself was a tasting of 21 verities of apples.  Notes were made on verity, texture, appearance  flavor and aroma.  As well as origin and grower. Good thing I like apples.  It was quite a marathon.

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