Saturday, June 26, 2010

roof update

It's been awhile since I have posted, and let me tell you, the garden has EXPLODED in the past few weeks. We have been having 90 degree plus weather, so I have had to be diligent about watering, and I gave everything a handful of fertilizer. We should be reaping our reward soon.
Every tomato plant has baby fruits and lots more blooms. There are pepper blooms on all of the plants and baby peppers on several. I am really bad about keeping track of what kind each seedling is, so I am now seeing what I planted. It seems I have a large number of gold nugget cherry tomatoes, at least 2 window box romas, and several Beaver lodge slicers. I am not sure if any of the Russian ones that I had leftover from last year made it because they produce fruits about the same size as the Beaver Lodge. I will have to get my catalog out when they ripen and compare.

I have had a little problem with blossom end rot. I must not quite have my soil fortified quite enough with calcium, or I missed watering somewhere along the way. I have hopefully prevented any further damage by duct taping over the drainage holes and giving all the tomatoes a handful of crushed oyster shell to provide calcium. Here's hoping it works! I should be eating my first tomatoes within the week. then summer will have officially started!

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