Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Evil green sausages

Okay, okay, so this round of evil green sausages are more the size of pen cap, but they are every bit as evil! This year the cabbage worms have found the cabbage plants. Now don't ask me how these buggers managed to figure out and make their way from a minimum of 4 houses away (I know at least 4 houses away because not only do I know my neighbors, but from the roof I can see into everybody's back yards, and I haven't seen anything but tomatoes, peppers and herbs), but some how they knew, and they came. So much to my dismay, when I went out to work in the garden one fine morning, I first got to spend 15 minutes picking soft green caterpillars off of the cabbage plants before they gnawed off the entire plant. I thought I got them all, but it seems I will have to get outside super early one of these morning and do another round of drowning (I picked them off the plants and threw them into a cup of water so I didn't have to worry about them coming back to the little plants).
With every new crop comes a new challenge to understand and conquer.

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