Wednesday, December 30, 2009

catalog = )

I know that I haven't written in awhile, which means nobody will probably read this until I send out that a new gardening season has begun.... BUT.... MY FIRST SEED CATALOG OF THE SEASON HAS ARRIVED!! I went to sleep last night dreaming of all the new plants that I will cram into my little garden. The flowers that will provide color all summer long, the shade tolerant plants that will make the view out my kitchen window be more than just a fence, the fresh green beans, salads, salsa and cucumbers that will be enjoyed. Sigh... if only it weren't 23 degrees out right now! This year, in addition to my front stoop, roof, yard and alley, my father-in-law lives next door (and we have a pass through in the fence... I love Saw-zalls) He has a terrible view of his other neighbors' yards and said I could brighten up his patio and grow some kind of climbers up the back fence so he doesn't feel like he has the neighbors watching him every time he sits on the patio.
After an incredibly busy holiday season, I am finally going to clean out the garden tomorrow (New Year's eve), maybe get in a few lettuce and chard plants under my cold frame, then hunker down with my garden catalogs until it comes time to flip on the grow lights and start a new season.
Can't wait to bring you all along on another year of city gardening!

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