Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The evil green sausages have returned to the garden!! This time I only found one, but it looks like I caught it just in time, it had what looked like little white eggs/cocoons on its back. No mercy for this girl, I hope I got all of the babies when I scooped her up and deposited her in the garbage can Fingers crossed there aren't baby evil green sausages waiting in the soil of the buckets waiting to emerge next year and nibble their way through the tomatoes!
I wonder where she has been hiding all this time. I know tomato worms are remarkable similar in color to tomato plants, but at more than 2" long and bigger around than a pencil, you would think I would see the thing before it showed up with a hoard of eggs!
I had to laugh though, as much as I dislike the critters, if you look at them from the back end, they have a single horn and a nose shaped rear that kind of makes them look like a little unicorn. That "nose" and horn make a good camouflage and protection. I have seen one before, and know what their heads look like, and yet when I saw the horn and "nose" I thought I was looking at its head!

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