Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seed catalogue

So they really know how to get you. The seed catalogue people that is. I was all prepared to re-read this years seed catalogues in the fall to get ideas until the new ones came in January when I start my armchair gardening in earnest. What I didn't know, was that there is a whole season called Winter Gardening. All kinds of plants that go in in late July, early August, all the way to October or so, that thrive on cool days and nights, or hold well in the ground. Things like broccoli, greens, carrots and root crops. I am resisting the temptation this year. I have too many projects to start any more. I will be sure to put runs in of the spring stuff I had that can also be winter crops, but a true winter garden will wait a year or two.
Of course that doesn't mean I can bury my nose happily in the catalogue and drool over all the yummy stuff I will someday produce, right in my own back yard.... or roof!

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