Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly update

So Sunday is upon us again. This Sunday is much prettier than last week. It is almost too hot though. 85 in April!!! It is supposed to get back to seasonal temperatures on Tuesday or Wednesday (60s) so it shouldn't do too much damage to my delicate lettuce and peas.

As you can see in the picture, I have uncovered the shaded pea/ lettuce patch. The bed in the back I fear will get scalded in the sun though so it still has its shades on. The raddishes are going nuts as is the lettuce in the pots on the tiered area. Still not seeing much action from the carrots (in the front row of the left side bed) but there are a few sprouts there and I did read that carrots can be picky, so that especially cold snap may have caused their finikiness. What grass there is is about due for a trim. I am kind of sorry now that I have been pulling up crab grass for the past 3 summers. Had I left it I might have some green out there.

This spell of warm weather is further egging on my green thumb and I am valiantly monitoring the plants in their greenhouse so they will be all ready to go out in a few weeks.

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